The Strange Man’s Dream (Le Rêve d’un Curieux)

Do you share my exquisite torment
“Oh strange man,” do they say of you too?
— I was going to die. While in my lovesick soul a torrent
Of lust mixed with horror, a most peculiar brew;

Great anguish and hope mingled without care.
The more the sands ran down the fatal glass,
The more my torture was delectably rare;
As my heart was ripped from the familiar world at last.

I was a child eager for a farce to be played,
Hating the curtain as one hates a barricade…
Finally the cold truth was disclosed:

I died without suspense, and the terrible dawn
Enveloped me. –- Is that all? Is that how it goes?
The curtain was lifted and I just continued on.

[Original poem here.]


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