Our November Show

Theater Oobleck returns to Links Hall this November with POSSESSION: Baudelaire in a Box, Episode #5, 16 sung poems of poison, betrayal, and shame to be washed down with longing, lust, and liquor.

Bathe in 16 poems by Charles BAUDELAIRE set to music and performed by Jeff DORCHEN, Ronnie KULLER, and Chris SCHOEN while yards and yards of paintings by Dave BUCHEN scroll by as in a 19th-century movie house of ill-repute.

These three very different musicians have each adapted five poems from Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du mal. Mucca Pazza accordionist Ronnie Kuller performs her five poems – including “The Fountain of Blood” and “Beauty” – in the original French. Oobleck’s own Jeff Dorchen flies in from LA to sing his slack-key guitar adaptations of such poems as “Metamorphosis of the Vampire” and “The Ghost.” Chris Schoen performs “Love and the Skull,” “The Cracked Bell,” and three more. The songs are performed live accompanied by scrolling paintings in a diptych “cranky.” As a nightcap, the prose poem “Get Drunk” will be performed by all the musicians in front of painted banners.

Baudelaire in a Box, Episode 5: Possession
Wednesday – Sunday, November 14-18, 8pm
at Links Hall
3435 N. Sheffield
$15 suggested donation, “more if you’ve got it, free if you’re broke” tickets available at the door.
$15 Advance tickets available on-line.


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