You Would Take The Whole World To Bed (Tu mettrais l’univers entier dans ta ruelle)

You would take the entire world to bed with you
Spoiled woman! Boredom makes love cruel.
To sharpen your teeth at your one diversion
You need fresh hearts to string up on the rack.
Your eyes, they shine like cheap storefronts,
Or street-fair Christmas lights,
Brazenly using their borrowed gleam
To insult the laws of beauty itself.

Oh deaf-and-dumb machine, you violent tool
You drink the coursing blood of all the world.
Have you no shame and have you not yet seen
In passing mirrors, your beauty spent and faded?
Does the vision of this evil
Cause you to stagger — you, animal!
Woman, vile queen of sin,
You master of depravity?
O gorgeous filth! Magnificent disgrace!

–Translated by Emmy Bean

[See original poem here.]


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