The Clock (L’Horloge)

Clock! Clock! Clock!
You are an evil god
You threaten me with your digit
And say, “Remember, you idjit!”

Clock Clock Clock
Your cold heart throbs with my pain
To the ends of the earth all my pleasures
Disappear from the stage like vapors

Clock Clock Clock
You eat every moment of time
From each man you suck and you swallow
Till his season of living is hollow

Tock tick tock
Thirty-six hundred times in a circle
You sound like a cricket
Each second you tick it
You pump out my life with your snorkel

Remember Souvien-toi Esto memor
Your throat made of metal and glass
Can speak any tongue
That ever has rung

From now to the far distant past

Clock Clock Clock
You mock and you mock and you mock
You urge me to search for the treasure
Hidden in each moment’s measure

Clock Clock Clock
You make me play the game
You know there’s no chance of me beating
Time who can win without cheating

Remember Remember Remember
The daylight dies in its embers
The night gets darker and darker
The thirsty void never stops drinking
The sand from the hourglass shrinking

Virginity, Risk and Repentance
Their voices will soon state my sentence
Like cuckoos that cuckoo the hour:
“It’s too late, too late
Face up to fate
It’s time to die, you old coward”

–Translated by Jeffrey Dorchen

[Original poem here.]


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