The Irremediable (L’Irrémédiable)

An idea an essence a being
Fell from the sky so blue
Into a river Styx made of lead
That even God’s eye can’t see through

In love with a malformed mutant
An Angel foolishly fell
Into a nightmare ocean
And drowns now in the depths of Hell

He’s caught in a whirlpool that pirouettes
And sings like a psycho in space
He gropes in the dark for a key or a light
A way out of this lizard-filled place

He tumbles down endless stairs
He can smell that the hole is bottomless
Slimy monsters are watching him
With glowing eyes of phosphorus

He’s a ship caught in the ice
He’ll never find his way out
The Devil sure knows his job
He’s a master beyond any doubt
The heart is a mirror
That shows its own face
A dying star flickers
A beacon in space

Satan’s one blessing
Glorious and true
We who do evil
We know what we do
We know when we’re doing The evil we do

–Translated by Jeffrey Dorchen

[Original poem here.]


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