The Vampire’s Metamorphosis (Les Métamorphoses du vampire)

As she squirmed like a snake on the barbecue
Her bustier squeezing her cleavage to view
From her mouth of strawberry red
With musky breathing, here’s what she said:

“My lips are steamy, and I know how to drown
ancient puzzles in my bed of down
my award-winning tits dry all tears with their jiggling
make old men laugh like babies giggling
And seeing my naked body their eyes
Behold the splendors of alien skies

“I’m so good at sex, you think you’re so wise
When I smother a lover between my thighs
And surrender my nipples for him to bite
I’m demure and horny, loose yet tight
Angels go weak in my bed of temptation
And barter their souls to eternal damnation”

The last drop of marrow she sucked from my bones
But when I turned to kiss her, I was alone
With a shriveled old wine sack dripping with pus
My doll now a skeleton thick with dust
Its jaw fell open and out came a whine
Like chains on a swinging hotel sign
That kind of a creaking, high and thin
Of a rusty old weather vane turned in the wind

–Translated by Jeffrey Dorchen

[Original poem here.]


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