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Official Music Video for “The Drag.”

We sometimes talk about crankies being a kind of low-tech proto music video. And that’s true! But sadly you can’t share them very easily on social media. So, please to enjoy this newfangled Official Music Video from our latest Baudelaire In Box album, Unquenched, available now at our Bandcamp site!

“Unquenched” is Reader-Recommended!

The Chicago Reader highlights the “lovely, sweet-minded kind of darkness” of Baudelaire In A Box, Episode 9:

“Between the black-and-white pictures and the musical influences ranging from country to klezmer, the overall tone here is moody; even Mickle Maher’s slangy, comic treatment of “L’Avertisseur” (about the nasty yellow snake living in every man’s heart) can’t quite shake off the darkness. But it’s a lovely, sweet-minded kind of darkness, well expressed by the onstage septet.”
–Chicago Reader, recommended

Just four more shows before we pack up the scrolls and start work on the last batch. Got your tickets yet?

Episode Nine Cometh

Our next episode, Episode 9: “Unquenched,” comes to Links Hall in Chicago this October, and features 14 New Songs composed by:

Angela JAMES

Accompanying crankies designed and illustrated, as always, by Dave BUCHEN

Tickets go on sale in July. Watch this space for updates.

If you haven’t poked around the website lately, we’ve got some new videos up from Episodes 1-7, and there are more to come. Hope to see you in October!

Songs of Anguish

Curtis Eller’s American Circus and New Town Drunks have released four songs from Theater Oobleck’s Baudelaire in a Box series in a beautiful EP designed by Jamie B. Wolcott. Check out the video which contains links on how to get your copy!

The Ghost (Le Revenant)

Like an angel with eyes of a deer
I’ll come to your room and glide near
Not disturbing the shadow shapes Asleep in the folds of the drapes
I’ll caress your hair like the worms
That play around graves in swarms
And give you kiss after kiss
As cold as the moon in the mist
When the sun bleeds in the dawn
In the place I stood I’ll be gone
But that empty space will be cold
Others will try tenderness
To woo your youthfulness
But I will rule you with fear till you’re old

–Translated by Jeffrey Dorchen

[Original poem here.]