Unquenched features 14 new songs composed Reid Coker (The Judy Green, Billy Blake and The Vagabonds) Annie Higgins (Weatherman), Angela James, Ronnie Kuller (Mucca Pazza, Tom Musick), Abraham Levitan (Baby Teeth, Nerds On Tour), Mark Messing (Operamatic, Mucca Pazza), and Joey Spilberg (Bad Mashedi) as well as Theater Oobleck’s Jeff Dorchen, Mickle Maher, and Chris Schoen, as well as New Mexico songwriter David Costanza (Lords of Howling, Art of Flying). The music is interpreted and arranged by band that includes James, Kuller, Schoen, and Spilberg, as well as Emmy Bean and T-Roy Martin from Baudelaire In A Box Episode 7: The King Of Rain, and David E. Smith (Mucca Pazza, Expo 76).

Download the Unquenched One Sheet.

The King Of Rain features 15 songs written by Emmy Bean, T-Roy Martin, Chris Schoen and Sad Brad Smith. They were originally performed as part of Episode 7, in October 2014. (Bean, Martin, and Schoen are collectively known as 80 Foots Per Minute. Check ’em out, they’re great.)

New Town Drunks and Curtis Eller have co-released an EP of some of their tunes from Episode 4, “Bad Luck,” packaged with a “spinny” designed and illustrated James Wolcott.

Chris Schoen‘s Heaven Or Hell Or Wherever (2012), features 15 tracks from episodes 1 through 3, with contributions from Heather Trost (A Hawk And A Hacksaw), Ronnie Kuller (Mucca Pazza), Anne Speroni and David Costanza (Art of Flying), John Szymanski (My My My), and Emmy Bean (80 Foots Per Minute).

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